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Chock A Block

Fed up having social media shoved in your face while playing puzzle games?
Want to play at your own pace?
Sounds like you'll want to give Chock A Block a try!

Chock A Block is a sliding block, colour matching puzzle game with an added twist!

Slide blocks around the arena and match 3 or more to combine them to create a new block. The more blocks you match in one move, the more points you get!

Diamond blocks are the ultimate prize, giving you different rewards depending on what mode you are playing.

Simply clear a board of all basic colours to move onto the next, getting bonus points for any black or diamond blocks left.

  • Local and Global high scores - no account needed! (although, having one makes submitting your scores easier).
  • Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements! (Paid version only)
  • Tweet your high score - but only if you want to!
  • 7 different game modes to suit your play style.

Game Modes:
  • Classic - See how far you can get with 10 lives, losing 1 life for each stranded block.
  • Beat The Clock - see how long you can last against the clock, picking up time bonuses as you go.
  • Zen - Play for as long as you like with no penalties.
  • Survival - Tackle a never-ending stream of blocks and avoid them filling up a full column.
  • Challenge - Invite your friends to beat your score on a particular board layout!
  • Colours - Match the blocks in colour order, losing a life for every out of order match.
  • Blocked - Try to keep the board from filling up as individual blocks spawn.

Game Centre Challenges and Facebook Login and Sharing is planned.

Previews Touch Arcade
"...keep your eyes peeled if you're looking for a slick puzzler that you just... *gasp* Buy, download, and play."

Reviews 4.5 Blocks a chocked out of 5 "...And it's brilliant." - Chock A Block: buntes Match-3-Puzzle mit fünf Modi


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CAB Youtube Video Preview

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